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Save Money On Grocery

Be it in Tough times as we are in now or good times, the ability to reduce your grocery bill would
bring huge rewards to you financially over time. Below are some ways which if you are willing to practice would help you go miles in saving up cash for other joys in life:

Save money with breakfast cereals.
Expensive boxes of processed cereal can hurt any budget. Oatmeal at 12 cents per serving is a cheap and nutritious alternative. Add brown sugar along with raisins or bananas and you have a delicious breakfast at a fraction
of the cost of processed boxed cereals. Oatmeal also helps lower cholesterol associated with heart disease.

Save on juice costs by purchasing juice concentrates.
When you buy cartons of juice you're actually paying in part for the processing, shipping, and storage of water within the juice. Frozen juice concentrates are a great way to save money. Take the juice concentrate home and add your own water saving 25%-40% in the process.

Take advantage of bakery outlets.
Here you'll find bread and other baked goods at a 50% to 75% discount. The bread is fresh but is sold at a discount because it is approaching its sell-by date. Savvy consumers stock up and freeze the extras for a constant supply of cheap bread.

Take advantage of ethnic food markets.
 If you're lucky enough to live in a city with an ethnic market then you have a treasure trove of savings at hand. Italian, Mexican, Indian, and Asian ethnic food stores are great sources for cheap meat, produce, spices, cheese and other foods.

Take your lunch to work.
Make lunch at home and bring it to work. . Left-overs make great lunches, helping to stretch your food dollars even further.This will allow you to stop spending $7-$9 a day eating out for lunch which amounts to $2500-$3200 of savings every month!

Try the store brands, risk free.
Store brand products have come a long way over the past two decades. They are now often as good as or better than their name brand counterparts but can save you 20%, 30%, or more. The key is to take advantage of the store brand return policies of supermarket chains. Many chains will allow you to return the store brand product if you don't like it. This is a great way to check out a product that might save you money week after week, with no risk to you. Simply check with your store manager about their store brand return policy.


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